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Accelerating Your Life Settlement with Trust Life Settlements

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Accelerating Your Life Settlement with Trust Life Settlements

april 10/2024

Navigating the life settlement process, which often spans months, catches many policyholders off guard. Whether negotiating directly or through a broker, transitioning from application to sale is seldom quick, with instances of providers low balling offers for policies from unsuspecting policy owners.

The promises of expedited transactions and significant offers from direct buyers warrant a cautious approach. Their ultimate objective is acquiring policies at the lowest expense, favoring their financial interests rather than the policyholders'.

The belief that bypassing brokers leads to larger payouts and quicker transactions is misleading; securing a fair price inherently demands time.
However, policyholders have avenues to hasten the process:

  1. Broker: Use a broker, preferably us but most importantly a broker.
  2. Get Estimate: Obtain an estimate with our life settlement calculator.
  3. Application: Promptly fill out and submit forms with details of your policy and health history.
  4. Internal Underwriting: Be mindful of due dates, lapse date, communicate, and follow up promptly.
  5. Marketplace Platform: Your policy is submitted to Trust Life Settlement’s approved group of buyers eager to review and submit offers.
  6. Closure: Select the optimal offer and complete the transaction. This step alone can require weeks depending on specific scenarios, such as state regulatory requirements, marital status, Trust conditions. Most life settlement cases are straightforward, others require extra care.

Efficiency Tips

  • Accelerate Inquiry Responses: Returning your forms promptly can significantly shorten wait times.
  • Engage Directly: Facilitate the underwriting step by directly securing medical records and your policy's "in-force illustration" from your insurer and healthcare provider.

Direct buyers may present low ball offers early in the process, aiming to secure policies at minimal costs. However, policies of greater value, brokered by Trust Life Settlements, can incite competitive bidding, potentially elevating the offer for the policyholder.

Trust Life Settlements is committed to ensuring policyholders navigate this process efficiently, offering a streamlined path to securing the best possible offers for their life insurance policies. By actively engaging in the early steps and directly communicating with medical and insurance contacts, policyholders can notably reduce the settlement timeline, making for a more efficient and profitable experience.

Call us at 800-216-2513 or feel free to use our online calculator and our online qualification form.


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